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HEC Recognized Journals

Research & Development


Journal Recognition System (HJRS)

HEC Journal Recognition System (HJRS), A collection of research journals that are categorized into three different categories – W, X and Y -(where W is the highest recognized category followed by X and Y.)- within their respective knowledge areas on the basis of a number of internationally benchmarked and recognized parameters that measure the quality of a journal. The relative position and category of each journal is computed by a proprietary algorithm that is designed with the objective of promoting quality research across various disciplines. 
To browse the journals on HJRS, please click on the link below.
  HJRS has been implemented w.e.f 1st July 2020. Before this date previous policy/SOP stands intact. Previous Impact factor journals and JCRs are placed below. 
Impact Factor


Seriol No. Description Download
1 Impact Factor Journals - 2018 down
2 Impact Factor Journals - 2017 down
3 Impact Factor Journals - 2016 down
4 Impact Factor Journals - 2015 down
5 Impact Factor Journals - 2014 down
6 Impact Factor Journals - 2013 down


Journal Citation Reports


Seriol No. Description Download
1 Journal Citation Reports (JCRs) - 2018 down
2 Journal Citation Reports (JCRs) - 2017 down
3 Journal Citation Reports (JCRs) - 2016 down
4 Journal Citation Reports (JCRs) - 2015 down
5 Journal Citation Reports (JCRs) - 2014 down



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