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Awareness Seminar On 4th Call For Proposals By HEC

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) conducted an awareness seminar on 4th call for proposals under its Technology Development Fund (TDF) on 29th November, 2022 at Air University Islamabad. Representatives from the industry, academia and HEC shared their previous experiences and success stories that led to creation and commercialization of research spin-offs at national and international level. 

Prominent Faculty members and researchers from the disciplines of Engineering & IT, Management & Social Sciences, Medical, Dental and Rehab Sciences at Foundation University Islamabad (FUI) participated in the subject awareness session. From ORIC FUI, Manager Research Management and Manager Innovation and Commercialization attended the seminar.

Through the TDF, the proposed funded projects would be expected to develop a product or service which would positively impact, inter alia,  the economy, solve a current problem, meet a market need, utilize local raw materials, move current products up the value chain and create large scale employment. Grant limit under TDF is PKR 14Million and the deadline is December 15, 2022.


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