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Foundation University School of Science & Technology




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Professor Abdul Ghafoor is an academician and administrator par excellence with an admirable academic background, enviable expertise and rich experience in the higher education setting. After his bachelor’s in Pakistan he studied at prestigious international institutions for his higher education, obtaining his MS in Aerospace Engineering from University of Cincinnati, and earning his PhD in Robotics (Kinematics and Mechanisms) from Salford University in 1992. He also remained a Fulbright fellow at University of Florida College of Engineering, and later a research fellow at King’s College London.


It is my pleasure to introduce you to Foundation University Islamabad (FUI), an emerging comprehensive institution with focus on quality teaching, research and innovation.
FUI accords highest priority to its students since we regard them as our asset and key stakeholders who occupy the central position in the entire academic activity. The faculty and university administration facilitates the students in every possible way for achieving their academic, intellectual and personal goals.
At FUI, we make every effort to transform our students into expert professionals who can play their role in nation building. With this goal in mind, we provide excellent classroom teaching using the modern interactive approach by our experienced and highly qualified faculty, give them hands-on industry experience which primes them for taking up jobs straightaway on graduating.
Foundation University management, faculty and staff are also conscious of their role in building national economy for which they lay equal emphasis on innovative technologies. In addition to providing a sound academic grounding, we focus on building a well-rounded personality of our students through co-curricular activities like sports and various societies/clubs.
Furthermore, we pay a great deal of attention in building understanding and imparting humanistic values so that the students can play their role in developing tolerance and harmony in the society.
Admissions at FUI are made solely on merit. This is ensured through online testing which makes the whole process transparent and merit-based.
FUI is fast becoming visible on national and international spectrum by incorporating industry and community needs. The programs offered and initiatives taken by FUI are well appreciated and recognized by HEC and other regulatory bodies of Pakistan.

Brig. Dr. Abdul Ghafoor
Pro-Rector/Director FUSST