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Celebrating Literary Achievements

We are overjoyed to announce that the distinguished faculty members of the Department of Medical Education (DME) at Foundation University School of Health Sciences (FUSH) have been honored with prestigious National Awards from the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Pakistan, for their exceptional literary contributions. Prof Dr Irfan Shukr, a Prominent Surgeon and Medical Educationist, Head of Department (DME), secured the 3 rd place with his remarkable work “A Virtual Day of the Prophet of All Times Muhammad (PBUH)” in the English category. This recognition truly underscores the extraordinary talent and unwavering dedication of our faculty. A special mention to Professor Irfan Shukr, who has achieved the distinction of being the second Armed Forces recipient in 40 years, since 1983. Our heartfelt congratulations to him for this invaluable contribution to literature, serving as an inspiration to us all!
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