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One Day Training Workshop For Program Team (PT) Members On “Self-Assessment Report (SAR) Writing”

On September 08, 2023, Department of Quality Assurance (DQA) organized a one-day training workshop titled "Self-Assessment Report (SAR) Writing." This workshop was specifically designed for Program Team Members from various academic departments. The resource person for this event was Ms. Asmat Parveen, the Director of Quality Assurance at Foundation University Islamabad.

During the workshop, she provided valuable insights into the concept of self-assessment and emphasized its significance in enhancing learning outcomes and advancing the development of academic institutions. She highlighted how self-assessment exercises play a crucial role in various aspects, including curriculum improvement, the modernization of academic programs, enhancing student services, achieving learning objectives, and promoting faculty well-being.

The participants of the workshop were highly engaged and showed a strong interest in the topic. They actively participated by posing relevant questions related to the role of self-assessment in the improvement of academic programs and its broader impact on the educational environment.