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University Bedfordshire

University of Bedfordshire

The University of Bedfordshire (UOB) and FUI are academic partners since 2015. The scope of collaboration with UOB covered the development of progression agreement, closer academic links, students exchange, staff exchange, research and access to reference material.

Please click on the International Mini Guide (2024-2025) to know about the UOB in detail.

Later, on May 13, 2019, FUI and UOB entered into a progression agreement for FUI students to progress to programmes of study at UOB in the following academic areas.

      a. Bachelor of Business Administration – BBA (Hons)

      b. Bachelor of Computer Science – BSCS

      c. Bachelor of Software Engineering – BSSE

      d. Bachelor of Psychology – BS Psychology

The progression agreement with UOB got an extension of the following degree programme after a fruitful visit of the Rector FUI to UOB in March 2022.

      e. Bachelor of Accounting & Finance – BSAF

      f. Bachelor of Tourism & Hospitality – BST&H

Now, with addition of the above two FUI programmes, the curriculum of six (6) degree programmes of FUI are mapped with the programmes of study at UOB.

However, at present the FUI students who complete 3 years of their BS Accounting & Finance and BS Tourism and Hospitality courses will be able to study one of BA (Hons) Business Administration Top-up courses at UOB.

The Foundation University Islamabad (FUI) invited Mr. Liam Stott – International Recruitment Manager, University of Bedfordshire (UOB), United Kingdom to deliver an informative session on the University of Bedfordshire, and the Progression agreement between FUI and UOB. Please click on the Play button and learn more.

Important Deadlines for September 2024 Intake

Applications (Overseas) 28 June-2024
Payment 65% (Overseas) 12 July-2024
Pre-CAS Credibility interviews 26 July-2024
Bank statements 9 August-2024
CAS letter (Overseas) 23 August-2024
Last Arrival Date 15 Sep-2024
Orientation 16 Sep-2024
Registration/Induction/Orientation 20 Sep-2024
Teaching start 23 Sep-2024

Important Deadlines for September 2024 Intake

  •      International Recruitment Admissions Deadlines Sep 2024 (Click Here)
  •      International Fee Structure 2023-24 (Click Here)

Application Process

You can apply directly online by clicking on How to Apply and submit the application form along with below supporting documents within the deadline shared above. A Student ID number will generate after submitting online, send that number and a screenshot to for onward follow-up with the UOB Officials.

Supporting Documents

      a. A completed application form signed by you (an electronic signature is fine)

      b. Copies of your official academic qualifications and certificates, including proof of your level of English Language (where relevant)

      c. A one-page personal statement. This should tell us (UOB) why you want to study your chosen course.

      d. A copy of your current valid passport details

      e. Please submit copies of any UK Visa that you have held and any documentation relating to previous visa refusals from any country.

Deposits: Student’s must pay 65% of the total tuition fee once they have received the conditional offer letter. Please send student deposit slips to International Deposits team  to track the payments. Upon confirmation of the deposit fee, the UOB offiicals will arrange the credibility interview, once successful student must submit Bank statements and TB certificate to the bank statement team   

Bank Statement:

This is one of the key requirements for issuance of “Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) letter”. The UOB requires (a) Bank statement (stamped on every page by the bank), preferably in the name of the applicant (student) for the preceding 28 days period, having sufficient balance to cover the remaining tuition fee (35%) and living expenses of the student. Along with the bank statement, UOB requires (b) Account Maintenance Certificate and (c) Business Card of the Branch Manager.

The student shall prepare a single document of all these documents and send it to the Bank Statement Team on their email address mentioned above, and before the deadline provided above.

The minimum balance amount shall be equivalent to (£9207 (living cost) + £500 (safety cushion) + remaining 35% Tuition Fee). This implies for the January and September 2024 intakes only.

If you are using your parents’/legal guardian’s bank accounts, you must also send:

a. Your original birth certificate or an adoption certificate or official court document confirming legal guardian status

b. A signed letter from your parents/legal guardian which confirms your relationship to them, and that the funds can be used for your UK education

c. Official translations of all documents that are not in English or Welsh

These documents must be within 31 days of the date of your Visa Application.

Note: Only biological parents or legal guardians (through a court of law or adoption procedures in your country) are eligible to be considered for ‘parental’ sponsorship. You cannot use financial evidence which belongs to other family relatives.

TB Certificate:

You must be tested for tuberculosis (TB) if you’re coming to the UK for more than 6 months and are a resident of Pakistan.

Your test must be from a clinic approved by the Home Office. We will not accept a TB test certificate from a clinic we have not approved. Please click on the link below to access the list of approved clinics.

CAS Letter:

The confirmation of acceptance for studies (CAS) letter is the key requirement of VISA application. The UOB officials issues the CAS letter (before the deadline mentioned above) to all the applicants, in confirmation of the bank statement requirement.

Refunds:  If student unsuccessful in the Credibility they can request for the refund. Please write to Overseas Refunds requesting for the refund for the applicant. To ensure a speedy and swift response please send them a BANK STATEMENT highlighting the transaction of the transfer of funds from your account to the university's account / to the exchange company who later transferred to the university.  We require the bank statement to comply with anti-money laundering regulations as funds must be returned to the account/s that it came from.    

In order to process your refund to your account using SWIFT international payment transfer service we will require a SWIFT code in addition to the detail on your Bank Statement. SWIFT is widely used to transfer funds internationally; each Bank Branch being issued with a unique 8- or 11-digit SWIFT code to enable the transfer of funds Internationally in foreign currency.  

UOB will require the following from you in addition to your Bank Statement:  

      a. Full student name  

      b. Student Number  

      c. Full Bank name and Branch address including post code/ZIP code  

      d. Full Beneficiary (account holder) Name 

      e. Account number  

      f. SWIFT code   

      g. IBAN Number (if applicable)  

      h. IFSC code (if applicable)  

      i. Amount to be refunded in Great British Pound Stirling £ 

General Admission requirements:

  UG application PG application
Gap in studies 5 Years (Maximum) 7 Years (Maximum)
Academic Score 55% 55%
English As Below As Below

English Scores:

    1. IELTS overall score of 6.0 with minimum 5.5 in each element 
    2. TOEFL iBT - Listening: 17, Reading: 18, Speaking: 20, Writing: 17
    3. Pearson PTE - Listening: 59, Reading: 59, Speaking: 59, Writing: 59

The UOB also offers pre-sessional English courses on campus in Luton for students who do not meet our English requirements. Further details can be accessed via the link below: