Admission Criteria

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Admission Schedule


Those interested in applying for Fall 2020 admissions are advised to visit the Student affair department /( website or talk to a representative in person. All admission updates, entry test dates and guidelines are given on the website. The applicants are requested to adhere to the given schedules and deadlines. The admission requirements for all undergraduate, graduate and post graduate programs are mentioned in FUI website. All admissions are based on merit as per stated criteria or additional criteria (if applicable).

Programs detail

Applicants seeking admission for 2020 programs may get details regarding admission requirements and the steps which are needed to be taken to apply into a program that meets their aptitude and interest by visiting the admission website. Potential students may choose from a broad spectrum of programs in Engineering and IT, Social sciences, Business management, Finance, Medical sciences, Dental sciences, Rehabilitation Sciences and Nursing diplomas. Learn more about FUI’s Undergraduate, Graduate, MS/MPhil, PhD programs. Our experienced educational advisors and counselors are available to assist you in choosing a program with the credentials to secure your future.

Admission Criteria

The Admission Criteria for entry in the 30+ programs offered by FUI generally include qualifying the criteria set for Undergraduate, Master, MS/MPhil, Ph.D. programs. Entry test samples are available at the FUI website.

Fee Structure

FUI is offering competitive learning investment for undergraduate and graduate programs. Here's the Fee Structure for all programs (including tuition charges, security deposits, etc.)

Financial Aid

FAP is meant to provide assistance to needy students. The available amount is given to the deserving students after detailed working by the Financial Assistance Committees (FACs) of FUI Campuses. Financial Assistance is initially granted for one academic year/semester and is revised at the end of academic year/semester. Progress of the student is regularly monitored.