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tendar notice

Tendar Notice


Tender Title Submission Date Advertisement
Auction - FUI 25-11-2021 Click Here
4x SMD Screen 20-11-2021 Click Here
Refreshment Point-Franchise - FURC 29-10-2021 Click Here
Purchase of Dental Material - FUCD&H 15-10-2021 Click Here
Purchase of Furniture Items - FURC 21-09-2021 Click Here
Purchase of Chairs for conference Room - FURC 16-09-2021 Click Here
Purchase/Installation of IT Equipment - FURC 08-09-2021 Click Here
Renovation of Lab (FUCD&H) 06-09-2021 Click Here
Purchase of Furniture items, Fire Fighting Equipments, Security items - FURC 06-09-2021 Click Here
Installation of Computer Items/Computer Tables- FURC 03-09-2021 Click Here
Purchase of Lab kits for Research Project-Paeds FUMC 02-09-2021 Click Here
Purchase of UPS - FUI Sectt 06-09-2021 Click Here
Construction of Prayer Area Boys Hostel - FUIC 05-08-2021 Click Here
Renovation of Histho Ptahology Lab - FUIC 05-08-2021 Click Here
Re-Tender of Computer/Medical Store Items - FUIC 30-07-2021 Click Here
Purchase of stationery items 19-07-2021 Click Here
Purchase of Chemicals for Histo pathology - FUMC 09-07-2021 Click Here
Supply & Installation of items of Post production Lab Arts & Media - FURC 07-07-2021 Click Here
Purchase of Stationery Items 29-06-2021 Click Here
Furnishing of Day Care girls hostel - FUIC 30-06-2021 Click Here
Supply/Installation of public address system - FURC 28-06-2021 Click Here
Furniture items, Electric Items, Security Items - FURC 23-06-2021 Click Here
E-Card Printer colour film, E-Card Printer Retransfer film, PVC Cards 23-06-2021 Click Here
Purchasingt of Furniture - FUBIC 17-06-2021 Click Here
Purchase of Stationery - FURC 17-06-2021 Click Here
Water Filtration/RO System 15-06-2021 Click Here
Purchase of IT Items, Biomedical Lab, Installation of parking bike shed - FURC 07-06-2021 Click Here
Renovation of  Pharmacology lab - FUIC 04-06-2021 Click Here
Items - FUCN 04-06-2021 Click Here
Renovation of Histology Lab - FUIC 21-05-2021 Click Here
Renovation of Disection Exam Hall - FUIC 21-05-2021 Click Here
Renovation of Exam Hall - FUIC 21-05-2021 Click Here
Renovation of Physiology Department - FUIC 21-05-2021 Click Here
Purchase of Electromedical Equipements - FUMC 21-05-2021 Click Here
IT Equipements 28-05-2021 Click Here
Network in Boys & Girls Hostel 21-05-2021 Click Here
Creation & Furnishing of common rooms for girls & boys - FUIC 11-05-2021 Click Here
Renovation of Biochemistry Lab - FUMC 05-05-2021 Click Here
Preparation of Model Rooms for Boarders Girls Hostel 05-05-2021 Click Here
Model Rooms for Boarders - FUIC 05-05-2021 Click Here
Tender - FUIC   Click Here
Liveries Items - FURC 03-05-2021 Click Here
Solar power System 03-05-2021 Click Here
Promotional Items - FUI 30-04-2021 Click Here
Construction of store - FUCN 23-04-2021 Click Here
Printing of Files 22-04-2021 Click Here
Providing & fixing of Terrace girls hostel (FUIC) 15-04-2021 Click Here
Items - FUIRS 15-04-2021 Click Here
Preparation of Authorized Stamps for FUI 09-04-2021 Click Here
Purchase of Dental Equipements - FUCD&H 07-04-2021 Click Here



The Foundation University Islamabad (FUI), a project of Fauji Foundation was established under a federal charter in October 2002. The University's programmes of study have been duly accredited by Higher Education Commission (HEC), National Computing Education Accreditation Council (NCEAC), Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan (CPSP) and Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PM&DC).