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IT Service Desk

IT Service Desk

FUI IT Service Desk has been created for the online exam. The main purpose of IT Desk is to support and facilitate the FUI students and faculty during the online exam.

Students and Faculty members are requested to contact the following designated IT staff in case of problem during the exam.

IT Staff will be available from 8AM to 12AM.

Duty Roster For Online Support from Home & Office

Name Designation Email Whatsapp No.
Tilawat Khan – FUIC CMS Coordinator tilawatkhan@fui.edu.pk 0315 9930754
Saqib Satti - FUIC CMS Coordinator saqib.ccie@fui.edu.pk 0331 5222445
Zeeshan - FUIC CMS Coordinator m.zeeshan@fui.edu.pk -
Mohsin Tanveer - FURC CMS/MIS Project Administrator mohsantanveer@fui.edu.pk -
Imran Malik - FURC System/Net Admin imranmalik@fui.edu.pk 0332 5226724
Omer Ashfaq - FUSC Network Administrator omer.ashfaq@fui.edu.pk 0334 8028803
Name Designation Email
Tilawat Khan – FUIC Data Centre Coordinator tilawatkhan@fui.edu.pk
Saqib Satti - FUIC CMS Coordinator saqib.ccie@fui.edu.pk
Zeeshan - FUIC CMS Coordinator m.zeeshan@fui.edu.pk
Mohsin Tanveer - FURC CMS/MIS Project Administrator mohsantanveer@fui.edu.pk
Imran Malik - FURC System/Net Admin imranmalik@fui.edu.pk
Omer Ashfaq - FUSC Network Administrator omer.ashfaq@fui.edu.pk

SOPs For Online Exam
Instructions for IT Department

  • IT Staff to assist students throughout the process
  • IT Staff contact details are posted in the FUI Official Website and Facebook page
  • Uploading on Student Guide Book and Online Demo of Examination portal at the University’s Official Website (Including Video Tutorial)
  • This Online Demo enables students/faculty/staff to get themselves aware with FUI Examination Portal and its offered features. This will also help students to attempt their paper appropriately
  • IT Staff to take security measures such as issue unique password to enter the online test
  • Ensure that candidates are using application browsers like ‘Chrome, Safari and Firefox and safe browser.
  • The IT staff should assist students throughout the process to ensure they’re comfortable with the portal and the online examination process
  • Online Exam Demos/mock to be taken by the faculty, where students will have the opportunity to ‘get online-exam ready’, try the exam portal, and have their questions answered, prior to final exam
  • Exam tutorials are available on University website/Facebook Page and LMS.

Equipment required for your exam
Instructions; For Students

  • Students must register/enrolled and verify themselves through exams.fui.edu.pk before the last date
  • Students shall be able to use laptop/desktop or other communication device
  • Login to the Exam Portal with a same user account provided by IT department
  • Logging in to the exam portal requires user account already used for LMS Portal
  • It is student’s responsibility to make sure to have an active user account before the day of the exam
  • It is students’ responsibility to contact the FUI IT staff in case of any difficulty before the last date of registration
  • Students shall remember to change their password if requested
  • Install a Web browser capable of accessing exams.fui.edu.pk (e.g Chrome, Firefox, safari and safe browser)
  • Confirm your Exam login details
  • Download software able to open PDFs (many browsers do this)
  • Download Word or other Word processing software’

On the Day of Exam
Instructions; For Students

  • Students must be logged in 15 minutes before the exam time.
  • Try to Arrange a desk and suitable chair to work and a quiet room away from disturbances
  • Arrange computer, laptop or other device
  • Ensure reliable internet access
  • Try to have the device plugged in so you won’t run out of battery
  • Not to have food or drink on the desk. Please take care to ensure there are no spills if you choose to have a drink
  • Switch off or ideally put cellphones out of sight or reach as their presence can spoil concentration
  • During Exam, close all excessive programs that are running on the device to ensure that your device works smoothly during the exam

Online Examination FAQs

This page contains a set of frequently asked questions for students when undertaking the online assessments.
If you have questions regarding the mock exams, please contact your department.

We recommended you create a quiet environment where you can set up your computer to complete your exam without being interrupted. You don’t need to do your exam at home, so you can find a suitable place elsewhere.
This includes:

  • Restarting your computer before you commence the exam and ensuring all unnecessary applications are closed can avoid negative impact on the performance of your computer.
  • If you are using a laptop, ensure it has sufficient battery reserve or is plugged in so your battery does not run out during the exam.
  • Ensure your internet connection is working correctly and that you have sufficient data available if relevant.

Access the exam by clicking on the link to the assignment tool in the Exam portal.
If your exam is using the LMS Assignment tool:

  • Download the exam document from the Assignment tool
  • Open the exam document and complete the exam by answering the questions
  • Upload your completed exam document using the Assignment tool before the due date/time specified in Exam Portal

If you face nay technical issues during the exam and you require some technical assistance, please contact the given address with the onlineclasses@fui.edu.pk. The IT Service Desk will be able to provide basic troubleshooting support for internet access and browser issues. If required, they will escalate your request via the appropriate channels accordingly.

If technical issues impact your completion of the final assessment, it’s recommended that you record screen captures, error messages, or other evidence of the issues that occurred, and email this to onlineclasses@fui.edu.pk.

If the technical issues prevent you from submitting your assignment to Exam portal, but you still have access to email, it’s recommended that you email your completed or partial submission to concern HoDs before the deadline.

If a system fault occurs on the day of an exam or during an exam which impacts the continuity of exams, a corresponding notification will be disseminated to students via the SMS and Social Media . Further information will be disseminated by the Exams Office.


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