Speech and Language Therapy, The Judicial System and Pakistan

  • Ayesha Kamal Butt Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom
  • Michelle Quaye Manchester Metropolitan University
Keywords: Human Rights, Rehabilitation, Speech and Language Therapy, Speech Language and communication needs, Special Needs, Young offenders


The editorial aims to shed light on a novel model of intervention that is currently not being addressed in Pakistan. Although the Juvenile Justice System Act of 2000 aims to empower the State in making special provisions for the legal protection of young offenders, there remains no speech and language therapy provision for assessment and intervention of speech, language and communication difficulties in those individuals who may be at risk of being prosecuted as a consequence of their inability to understand the legal system, terminology or the outcomes of the process. They are deprived of their basic human right. The editorial summarizes the challenges and presents solutions to facilitate the provision of speech therapy services.