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Psychology in the 21st century is somewhat different from the last century, or at least different than what it was 30 to 40 years back. Previously, the major applied areas were Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, School Psychology, and Industrial /Organizational Psychology. Today, in addition to those areas, there are many newer and applied areas emerging such as Sports Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Gerontology, Health Psychology, Tech Dependency, LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender), Rehabilitation Psychology, Engineering Psychology, Environmental psychology, Eco-Psychology, Sustainable Psychology, and Environmental Psychology, to name a few. Recent rapid and unprecedented social change brought about by factors like sudden onslaught of technology, new industrial products, extremism, terrorism and many more have given birth to unfamiliar psychological distresses. Not only have these extraordinary social and political pressures created psychological stresses we are unfamiliar with but they have also led to a steady drift away from the established social orders and values, particularly in this region of the world. This emergent situation calls for equivalent level of response from the practitioners in the field of Psychology by adopting equally effective tools and techniques to alleviate these psychological distresses. To deliberate on what new therapeutic interventions are required to meet this challenge, this conference aims at providing a forum for writers and researchers in Psychology to pool their ideas share their best practices and offer creative solutions. While this goal marks the main underlying theme of the conference.

The conference also welcomes papers on the following related sub-themes: