Big Five Personality Traits on Project Success in Marketing-Oriented Organizations: Moderation of Leader Member Exchange

  • Numair Sulehri COMSATS University Islamabad
  • Ahsan Awais Foundation University Rawalpindi Campus
  • Imran Bashir Dar International Islamic University Islamabad
  • Ali Uzair University of Balochistan
Keywords: Agreeableness, conscientiousness, leader member exchange, project success.


Objectives. The relational interconnectivity of leaders and organizational members in the
context of personality traits is in limelight due to market pressing need of antecedents’
investigation for project success. This study is about portrayal of big-five personality traits impact
on project success in marketing-oriented organizations. In addition, this study is also aimed to
explore if leader member exchange plays a role in moderating the relationship between the big five
personality traits and project success. Two traits agreeableness and conscientiousness were the
focus as per theoretical paradigm.
Method. For this purpose, the questionnaire was filled by different public and private
organizations. The sample size was 153 respondents (both male and female), collected through
convenience sampling due to scattered nature of sample.
Results. The study uses a co-relation and regression analysis technique to test the measurement
of model. It was found that agreeableness has a significant effect on project success, whereas
conscientiousness lacks significant relationship along with absence of moderating relationship.
Implications. The managerial implication is marked by the spearhead focus on agreeableness
and conscientiousness traits in terms of humanistic capacity building that could install the triggers
for project success in marketing-oriented organizations.


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