Personality Characteristics of Pakistani Business Leaders: A Phenomenological Approach

  • Hafiz Haseeb Nisar National Institute of Psychology
  • Dr. Rubina Hanif
  • Hamid Bilal
Keywords: Keywords: Business Psychology, Leadership, Key Personality factors, Characteristics,


Background: The objective of the present study is to understand the key personality characteristics that contribute to the success of a business leader. In Pakistani context, doing business with all social and environmental challenges is not an easy job. Many theoretical paradigms have tried to capture and explain this phenomenon ranging from trait perspective to behavioral motivation perspective; all have tried to explain its significance. In such scenario business leaders plays key role in overall economic growth of the country. The purpose is to investigate such characteristics of personality needed to excel in difficult times to reach at successful level.

Methods: The phenomenological qualitative approach was used to investigate personality characteristics of Pakistan successful business leaders. Convenient purposive sampling technique was applied and sample n= 5 of successful business leader were taken from Lahore and Faisalabad. Semi-structured interview technique was used to understand their experiences, attitudes, styles of management and key factors about in their business success.

Results: Thematic Analysis technique was employed to analyze data. The following themes emerged through descriptive and interpretative thematic technique as personality characteristics of business leaders: optimism, assertiveness, professionalism, effective management style, business knowledge/ excellence, supportive family and strong faith in God.

Conclusions: It was noted that all themes were interlinked and connected with each other which produce positive results in terms of success in Pakistan based business culture. The importance of this study rests in its eastern contribution to the theoretical framework of psychology of business leaders and Industrial organizational Psychology and further these findings will help to realize the basic key factors of success behind a business leader in Pakistan.




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