Emotional Intelligence and Narcissism among Senior Corporate Executives

  • Muhammad Kashif Fida Center for Assessment Research & Employees Evaluation (CARE) ABL, Lahore
  • Bushra Naz, Dr. PSPP; Pakistan Society for Planned Parenthood
  • Muhammad Zohaib Khan, PhD Scholar GC University, Lahore
  • Azka Safdar GC University, Lahore
Keywords: Emotional intelligence, narcissism, senior corporate managers, emotionality.


Background: In Pakistani Industries and organization optimistic role of higher management are fundamental for the progress of organization. That is why narcissism and emotional intelligence of these organizational elites is a much more relevant topic. A reasonable level of narcissism with emotional intelligence is the catalyst to success. On contrary, yield drastic results.   The present study intended to investigate the association between emotional intelligence and narcissism in senior corporate executives.

Methods: The sample comprised of 150 senior corporate executives including males (n = 81), and females (n = 69), with the age range of 34 to 53 years (M = 45.0, SD = 4.94), Were selected from various corporate sector organizations. Self-Report Emotional Intelligence Test (SEIT) (Schutte et al., 1998) and Narcissist Personality Inventory (NPI) (Foster & Campbell, 2007) were used to measure the constructs.

Results: Findings of study showed a likelihood of relationship between emotional intelligence and narcissism. The regression analysis indicated that managing self-relevant emotions and work experience were positive predictors of narcissism, while, emotional perception was found to be the inverse predictor of narcissism in senior corporate executives. Moreover, non- significant mean differences were found between gender, and urban and rural background of the executives on emotional intelligence and narcissism.

Implications: This study would be  assist organizations to envision succession planning and leadership decision making.  

Conclusions: These findings can serve as a manual that will guide organizations to capitalize on the positive aspects of narcissism in senior executives and diminish its potential negative aspects.


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