Perception of God’s Attributes for Mental Comfort in Stressful Life Events

  • Maryam Khan Lecturer, Department of Psychology, Capital University of Science & Technology, Islamabad.
  • Naeem Aslam
Keywords: Conceptions of God’s attributes, Mental comfort, Mental discomfort, Positive experiences, Stressful life events.


Background: In recent years, the concept of using religious methods to deal with stressful life events has emerged as a major concern in the field of psychology. Empirical pieces of evidence have demonstrated the vital impact of religious coping on the physical and mental health of individuals. The aim of this study is to examine how a person uses the perception of God’s attributes for experiencing mental comfort in stressful life events.

Methods: A sample of 53 individuals with age ranged from 20 to 30 years (M= 22.8, SD=1.77) participated in this qualitative study. Semi-structured interviews were conducted in which participants were asked that during stressful situations which attribute of God they conceive and how these perceptions help them for mental comfort.

Results: In content analysis, four major themes relevant to the attributes of God emerged. That included God as Responder, Helper, Healer, and Provider. These conceptions consequently revealed positive experiences such as resolution and recovery, strengthening existing beliefs, comfort, and mental satisfaction, a sense of personal growth and achievement, feelings consoling and acceptance.

Implications: This study has certain implications in health and social psychology. Counselors, practitioners, and therapists should take into account the spiritual or religious coping when assisting individuals in stressful situations or during counseling etc.

Conclusions: Subjective self-reporting nature of data and lack of standardized measures are the limitations of the study. The findings have practical implications and to address mental health issues and spiritual needs.


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