Exploring the Role of Family Dynamics in Suicide Attempt: Indigenous Perspective

  • Dr. Tahira Mubashar
  • Tayyab Ali Butt
Keywords: Family dynamics, suicide attempt, conflicts, communication gap, worthlessness, hopelessness.


Background. In recent years, incidences of suicide appear to have increased in Pakistan and suicide has become a major public health problem. Being Islamic country, in Pakistansuicide is, considered an offense and one of the understudied phenomenon.

Objective Present qualitative inquiry aimed to explore different family dynamics that leads to suicide attempt.

Method. In present study collective case study was used as research strategy. Research participants were recruited through purposive sampling strategy. Sample comprised of two suicide attempt survivors, aged between 24 and 25 years. Semi-structured interviews were used as a tool of data collection.

Results. The findings of the study revealed that in family dynamics, parental neglect, hostility, disregard, bundles of restrictions, lack of warmth and communication gap had the leading role towards suicide attempt in young adults. Moreover, findings showed that conflictual relationship with parents and siblings makes an individual feel worthless, and seeing self as burden for the family ultimately leads to suicide attempts. It is also emerged from the data that parental disputes had devastating effects in life of young adults.

Conclusion.Research findings contribute to a meaningful understanding of how suicide risk is increased by unhealthy family dynamics and paved the way for an effective intervention plan.


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