Exploring Suicidal Ideation among Psychiatric Patients: Predictive Role of Personality Traits and Religiosity

  • Sadia Musharraf Department of Applied Psychology, The Women University, Multan https://orcid.org/0000-0002-0613-7468
  • Sarwat Sultan
  • Tahira Mubashar
  • Soulat Khan
Keywords: Suicidal ideation, Personality traits, Religiosity, psychiatric disorders


Background. Suicidal behavior is among one of the leading causes of death which may be a
result of suicidal ideations. Biological and environmental factors are said to influence the
spectrum of suicidal ideation from passive thoughts about death to active plans to take life.
Therefore, the present research aimed at examining the predictive association of personality traits
and religiosity with suicidal ideation among patients diagnosed with different psychiatric
Method. The sample consisted of 210 psychiatric patients diagnosed with Substance Abuse
Disorder (n = 88), Major Depression (n = 84), and Generalized Anxiety Disorder (n = 38) with a
mean age of 26.84 years. The participants filled in Urdu-version of the Sahin-Francis Scale of
Attitude toward Islam, the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire, and the Beck Scale for Suicidal
Results. The results divulged positive relation of suicidal ideation with neuroticism and
psychoticism and negative relation of suicidal ideation with extraversion, social conformity, and
religiosity. Further, neuroticism emerged as significant predictor of suicidal ideation followed by
extraversion and psychoticism. The direction of prediction was in line with correlation.
Conclusion. The findings provide substantive implications for suicide prevention through the
identification and evaluation of individuals with a higher risk for engaging in suicide ideation as
well as highlighting the role of personality and religious attitudes for consideration in future
strategies for the prevention of suicide.


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Author Biography

Sadia Musharraf, Department of Applied Psychology, The Women University, Multan

Lecturer, Department of Applied Psychology, The Women University, Multan.