Reliability and Validity Estimation of Job Stressor Measures Interpersonal Conflict at Work Scale, Quantitative Workload Inventory and Organizational Constraints Scale in Urdu Language

  • Faiza Rasul National Institute of Psychology, Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad
  • Sobia Masood National Institute of Psychology, Quai-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan
Keywords: job stressor measures; interpersonal conflict; organizational constraints; quantitative workload; reliability and validity estimation


Objective. The major objective of the present research study was to translate, reliability and validity estimation of three self-report measures of job stressor in Urdu language, namely, the Interpersonal Conflict at Work Scale (ICAWS), the Organizational Constraints Scale (OCS) and the Quantitative Workload Inventory (QWI) (Spector & Jex, 1998).
Method. This process was completed in three phases.Phase-I comprised of the translation of measures through forward-backward translation method. To establish the cross-language validity, Urdu translated versionsand the English versionswere administered on bilingual respondents (N = 100)(men = 74 and women = 26).In Phase-II, reliability estimation of ICAWS, OCS and QWI including Chronbach’s alpha reliability and test–retest reliability was done. In Phase-III, validity estimation of ICAWS, OCSand QWI was done. Analysis were carried on the sample of 546employees(men = 334 and women = 212) of public service sector organizations (WAPDA, NADRA, Sui Gas, PIA, Railways, PTCL, OPF and Postal Services) of Pakistan, taken from Rawalpindi and Islamabad with age range of 22 to 60 years. 
Results. All indexes calculated were found to be significant.The one-dimensional structure of three measures was confirmed. The three scales have acceptable fit to the data. The one-factor structures and other psychometric properties of the Urdu version of the scales seem to be similar to those found in the US version of the original scales.
Conclusion. The translated Urdu versions of the scales are reliable instruments that can be used in Pakistani organizational settings to measure job stress.


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