Organization Sustainability through Employee Green Behaviour and Ethical Leadership: The Influencing Role of Employee Machiavellianism

  • Shafaq Aftab University of Central Punjab, Lahore
  • Muhammad Bilal Mustafa University of Central Punjab, Lahore
  • Muhammad Farhan Melbourne institute of technology, Austrailia
  • Muhammad Saleem Minhaj University, Lahore
Keywords: Ethical leadership, employee green behaviour, sustainability and machiavellianism. JEL classification: M10 general


Objectives. The objective of the present research is to investigate the impact of ethical leadership
on employee green behaviour and sustainability, along with the moderating role of
Machiavellianism. In today’s global era, it is challengeable for the employees to practice green
behaviour in the workplace. The current study analytically analyses the relationships among
ethical leadership, employee green behaviour, Machiavellianism and sustainability.
Method. Self-administered questionnaires were administered to gather data from 390 managerial
level employees of Pakistan Telecommunication Company. Five-point Likert scale has been used
as a measurement scale.
Results. Partial least square (PLS) SEM is used to test the survey results of the proposed model.
The study findings support the argument that ethical leadership has a significant positive effect on
employee green behaviour. Also, Employee green behaviour positively mediates the relationship
between ethical leadership and sustainability. Besides, Machiavellianism and green practice
negatively moderates the relationship on sustainability. The present study is one of its kind to
expand the scope of employee Machiavellianism by revealing that Machiavellianism negatively
influences green behaviour and sustainability.
Conclusion. Our findings show various ways which will help the organisations to focus on
employee green behaviour and reduce the effect of employee Machiavellianism to get sustainable
environment. Also, the present study suggests human resource managers to understand employee
green behaviour in the workplace more better.


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