The Role of Interventions to Manage and Reduce Covid-19 Mortality Rate of the COVID-19 Patients worldwide

  • Jaffar Abbas Antai College of Economics and Management
Keywords: COVID-19


Background: Chronic illness, such as chronic contagious diseases including human immunodeficiency virus and tuberculosis, refer to higher levels of psychological problems as compared with the healthy peoples (Kuan et al., 2019; Van Den Heuvel et al., 2013). Previous studies illustrate depression symptom logy typically soar after illness, for instance, anthrax scares and herpes exposure (Gale et al., 2018; Mason & Lyons, 2003).
Methods: Review of currently published research papers, which discuss the mortality rate of the COVID-19, are available at PsycINFO, PubMed, and LISTA.

Results: Even Though the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) triggered psychological disorders and declining mental health, it has not been widely investigated; scholars expect that coronavirus will have massive effects, mainly based on immediate public responses and situation.
Conclusions: Mental health professionals exclusively have taken positions to assist both their greater society, and patients comprehend the potential effect of the COVID-19, help communities, families, patients, and tackle this alarming threat.


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