Behavioral Authentication for Smartphones backed by Something you Process

  • Adeel Ahmed
Keywords: Machine Learning; Behavioral Authentication; Smartphone devices; Smartphones; Pattern Lock; Something You Process; Shoulder surfing.


Authentication of smartphone devices has been never so important nowadays. Machine learning techniques are not far behind to touch the new milestones of the latest and ever updating world. However, totally depending on machine learning will give you the scenarios of false user being accepted as true one and a true user being rejected as the false one, which can be devastating in some cases. Fifth factor of authentication “Something You Process” eradicates most of the cases of the false acceptance and false rejection, if used with the mentioned techniques. The novel approach applied here is the fifth factor combined with machine learning system and Behavioral authentication. The fifth factor is anti-shoulder surfing since the arithmetic operation is hidden by hand placed on the screen. After placing hand on the screen in such a way that it hides the code from others, the system shows the arithmetic operation and the processed calculation is performed in user’s mind. The pattern which is shown to the user is public, but machine learns the touch dynamics of the user along with his different postures including lying posture. The focus has been on the aspect of something that can be another layer or line of defense which can save the user’s authentication process. It results in decrement of false acceptance or false rejection upon unlocking of a smartphone device. This study deals with the postures of standing, sitting, and lying. The data is collected and the features are extracted in all of these positions.