Heart Diseases Prediction and Diagnosis using Supervised Learning

  • Ijaz Hussain PIEAS
  • Wajiha Safat
Keywords: Data mining; Classification techniques; Heart disease prediction


The existing data for clinical diagnosis are often enlarged, but available tools are not efficient enough for decision making. Data mining techniques provide a user-oriented approach for clinical diagnosis and reduce risk factors. To improve clinical diagnosis, particularly for heart diseases, nine different data mining techniques have been applied for classification and clustering. We compare all these techniques for better prediction. Despite all recent research efforts, the literature lacks the application of multiple techniques on multiple data sets for heart disease prediction; which helps in decision making. In particular, this study is the augmentation of techniques for multiple data analysis by comparing four datasets with 14 attributes and a different number of instances. Another challenge is how to increase the accuracy of the decision-making process. Our research findings predict the better accuracy by using SMO and classification via regression for all data sets which shows the significant difference. Consequently, this research further helps to integrate the clinical decision support, thereby reducing medical errors, enhance patient safety, decrease unwanted practice variation, and improve patient recovery.