Privacy Threats on Social Networking Websites

  • Ayesha Shahid Foundation University Rawalpindi Campus, Pakistan
  • Umair Abdullah Barani Institute of Information Technology, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Keywords: Social Networking, Social web sites, security and privacy issues


Abstract: Widespread use of Social networking sites has increased the privacy threat for every individual. Privacy and security problem are two major issues associated with social networks, as the majority of the social network users are not cautious about the usability of the social websites. Social media sites have become latent target regarding offenders because of the occurrence of sensitive information and lack of user awareness of privacy settings. The overall aim of this paper is to enhance awareness about privacy and security issues associated with social networks and to provide guidelines to users for secure usage of social websites. Descriptive research has been conducted as it takes up the majority of online surveying and because of its quantitative nature, it is considered as conclusive. The survey results show that most of the users have their real information on social networking sites and they don’t change privacy settings of their accounts on regular basis. Moreover, as per survey findings, most users accept friend requests and invitations of unknown persons on social networking sites. Results of this research study will be helpful to bring awareness among users about privacy setting and they will learn how to control the privacy settings of their accounts and what type of content should be uploaded on social networking sites.