Values & Goals


Our Core Values

  • We believe in transparency, authenticity, boldness, and creativity
  • We encourage and support the research studies that challenge the present trends
  • We develop supportive networking for researchers and teachers for better research local and international perspectives
  • We embrace the culture of innovation and struggle for the unknown
  • We offer our platform for research on all major areas of management sciences
  • We aspire to inclusive, holistic, and integrated views points


Our Strategic Goals

  • FUJBE will strive to the networking of its members across the various fields, nationally and internationally, for a vibrant culture of supportive engagement for flourishing opportunities, which could pave the way for surpassing the philosophical, scientific, and artistic boundaries
  • FUJBE will be a foundation for new and experienced researchers to develop their portfolio in terms of social responsiveness, fluid information sharing, and an array of services
  • FUJBE will set an example by encouraging new trends in multiple management sciences fields in terms of global, regional, and local impact for blossoming industry and theoretical practices