Authorship Criteria

The list of authors should accurately reflect who carried out the research and who wrote the article. All multi-authored papers should include an Authors’ Contributions section at the end of the paper. When the corresponding author submits an article, this implies that all authors and responsible authorities where the work was carried out have approved its publication.

•  The list of Authors should correspond to the following criteria; (1) the conception and design of the study, the acquisition of data, or the analysis and interpretation of data; (2) drafting the article or critically revising its important intellectual content; (3) final approval of the version submitted. The corresponding author has to declare the contributions of individual authors when submitting the article. Please follow the ICMJE definitions when defining authorship.
•  All Authors must meet these criteria for authorship and, conversely, no one should be omitted from the list if he/she meets these criteria.
•  To add, delete or rearrange author names in the authorship after acceptance but before publication, you must declare (a) the reason for adding, deleting, or rearranging the name(s) and (b) written confirmation (by e-mail, fax, or letter) from all authors, including those who have been removed or added, that they agree with the proposed change. Any changes made to authorship after the article is published are not allowed.