Workplace deviance & Predictors of Workplace deviance: A Systematic Review of Literature

  • Muhammad Raees Ashraf PhD Scholar, University of Gujrat
  • Syed Raza Ullah Shah
  • Sadaf Shahzadi
  • Ahsan Ali Ashraf University of Sialkot
Keywords: Workplace deviance, Systematic Review


This study examines recent conceptual advances in workplace deviance constructs through a systematic
literature review (SLR). This study also focuses on particular types of deviant behavior at work which have
been studied more frequently since last seven years and whether they include interpersonal or organizational
forms of workplace deviance. The study also investigated mediating and moderating variables of workplace
deviance. An SLR included Scopus and Web of Science database articles published between 2015 and 2022.
This evidence suggests that interpersonal forms of deviant work behavior, rather than organizational forms,
have received more attention in recent studies. In terms of antecedents, the findings indicate that personality
factors remain prevalent. The study has both theoretical and practical limitations.