Conceptualization of Covid-19 for Long-term Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Small Businesses in the new Normal

  • Imran Basheer Dar PhD Scholar, International Islamic University Islamabad
  • Maryam Mudasir Foundation University Islamabad
  • Mahnoor Saeed Foundation University Islamabad
  • Abdullah Hameed Foundation University Islamabad
  • Muhammad Usama Ali Foundation University Islamabad
Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Covid-19, Conceptualization, long term impact


In this article, some initial conceptualized examination on how Covid-19 has changed CSR has
been portrayed for small businesses particularly. Covid-19 has created negative impact globally.
It has affected normal functioning. Consumer and businesses are still creating “social
distancing” to avoid physical and potential pestilence. In this article the researchers offer
scrutiny on how covid-19 has developed impact on corporate social responsibility (CSR) for long
term orientation. Results suggest that the pandemic situation of covid-19 has created negative
impact, similarly on the other side it has provided opportunities to businesses to transpose
towards corporate social responsibility (CSR) and bestow in global, social and environmental
changes as well as have a long term orientation, especially the small businesses.