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Exam Policy

Foundation University Islamabad
Rawalpindi Campus

Final Term Online Examinations Spring-2020

Date sheet:

For Download date sheet Click Here

Instructions for Students:

  • The Final Term online Examinations will be held from Monday 20th July to 29th August, 2020. Students must carefully note date sheet of the subject examinations available on the university website or LMS menu or direct link:
  • Clearance of dues is mandatory for appearing in the examinations. For any query please contact account office before examinations at or 03345216861/051-5151437-38, Ext: 214.
  • Students are advised to check/verify their login credentials at least 01 week before the start of examinations. All Students must have an active LMS account for appearing in the examinations. All Students must be logged in to LMS at least 10 minutes prior to start of exam. For queries please contact at or 051-5151437-38, Ext: 237.
  • Final exams will comprise of an online, Open Book, Limited Time Assessment, with 5-hours solution time from the issuance by the relevant faculty member to the submission (upload/e-mailed) by respective students.
  • Final exams will comprise of an online, Open Book, Limited Time Assessment, with 5-hours solution time from the issuance by the relevant faculty member to the submission (upload/e-mailed) by respective students.
  • Any attempts to jeopardize invigilation or use of any unfair means/cheating/plagiarism during exam will lead to serious consequences for the students as per university rules. E-mailed/uploaded answer will be run through Turnitin to curb the plagiarism.
  • Students must timely prepare for the online exam for each subject by charging their devices and sustainable internet access during the exam. They will not be allowed to leave their place of examination. They may be asked by the invigilators to show around the place of their examination.
  • If a student residing in remote areas of Pakistan cannot appear in the on-line examination due to non-availability of internet services, computer, bandwidth issues, etc., she/he will inform the university till 15th July 2020 and a campus based exam will be arranged for such students. A student opting for on-campus exam will apply through willingness certificate duly signed by her/his parents/guardians.
  • For any answers to be uploaded in the online exam, students must attempt the exams on A4 white papers or loose exam/assignment sheets (available in market). Pages torn from notebooks/register and colored pages will not be accepted. Students will also not solve questions in notebooks/registers and upload the images of their relevant pages.
  • Students will provide the following information at the top of each page to be uploaded. 
  • Page No. _________ Name:  _________      Registration Number: _________________      Program: _________   Section:  _________    Semester:  _________  Date:  _________  Instructor Name:  _________    Subject:  _________    Signature:  _________   
  • After writing an answer, images of the answer sheets must be uploaded and for text answers, allocated box provided by LMS should be used. The images of the answers to be uploaded must be in PDF/ZIP/Word format and students must make sure well before the commencement of the examination that they have the relevant software to convert images into PDF/ZIP/WORD files installed in their devices.
  • The images of the answer sheets should not be of high resolution but should be readable and be converted into gray scale (if required) to reduce the size of the files to be uploaded. Before uploading the files, students will also ensure that the pages of the PDF/ZIP/WORD files are properly organized by page number, oriented by rotating them etc. They will also ensure that the text in files is legible, not washed out, and with high contrast.
  • No interactions will be made directly with the faculty member during exam. No queries will be raised before the faculty member about any question or possible answer during the exam. Any discrepancy observed by a student in a question must be reported separately by making it a part of the answer.
  • Student must also keep a copy of the original answer sheets of each subject with them. They will be asked to submit to their respective department offices the relevant files when University opens for students.


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