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Bilateral Exchange Programme

Call for Application for the Bilateral Student Exchange Program in   

Istanbul Aydin University for the Academic Year 2022-23

We are pleased to share with you the Call for Application for the Bilateral Student Exchange Program in the upcoming academic year. Within the framework of our Bilateral Exchange agreement with IAU, you are requested to nominate 2 exchange students per academic year, who can study at IAU for one or two semesters.


Please send your exchange student nominations to international@fui.edu.pk by 15th May 2023 including the name, department, level and year of study and the contact information of the nominated student. In addition, we already have a dedicated focal person from DBA and DSE, the HoDs of Deptt of Aviation Management and Deptt of English are requested to also kindly nominate their respective Focal Person. 

In addition, It is pertinent to mention here that two (2) students of deptt of Software Engineering have already completed one semester at IAU under this bilateral exchange agreement. These students have arranged for an awareness seminar this coming Wednesday, May 10, 2023. For more information on this seminar, please contact the DSE focal person (Dr. Aqeel Iqbal) cc'd to this email. 


Upon acceptance of nomination by the IAU, we will notify you and the students to complete an Exchange Student Application process according to the program details and documents listed below:


Nomination Deadline for partner institutions: 15th May 2023

Application Deadline for nominated students: 1st June 2023


Application Criteria:

a.     Minimum 2.50/4.00 CGPA for the students in the Associate and Bachelor`s programmes

b.     Minimum 3.00/4.00 GPA for masters and doctorate students

c.     English Language proficiency test result or certificates

Ø  Eligible Disciplines:

a.      Business Administration,

b.     Aviation Management,

c.      English Language and Literature,

d.     Software Engineering,


Documents Required for Application:

  1. Application Form (https://www.aydin.edu.tr/en-us/international/internationalrelations/Documents/IAU%20Incoming%20Exchange%20Student%20Application%20Forms.pdf )
  2. Learning Agreement ( https://www.aydin.edu.tr/en-us/international/internationalrelations/Documents/Learning%20Agreement.pdf )
  3. Transcript
  4. Letter of Recommendation
  5. Passport Copy
  6. Photo
  7. Proficiency Certificate
  8. Vaccination card of the nominated exchange student approved by the International Office (FUI)


You can find more information about the Bilateral Exchange Program on our website:

Click on the link for IAU International Academic Relations for Administrative Support:



Click on the link for IAU Academic Programs and Courses: https://ebs.aydin.edu.tr/index.iau?Page=AB&Type=L

Contact Person for inquiries: 

International Office
Email: international@fui.edu.pk 


Bilateral Students Exchange – Istanbul Aydin University, Turkiye

By the grace of Almighty Allah (S.W.T), FUI students, Mr. Muhammad Hasnat Umar & Mr. Muhammad Zarnain Nadeem – BS Software Engineering (FUSST) have successfully completed their 5th semester under the Bilateral Exchange opportunity at Istanbul Aydin University. The international office (FUI) encourages its students to take part in mobility opportunities and enhance their learning abilities with international exposures. A little Heads up for FUSST Students, the next call for bilateral exchange will be announced in the month of May 2023.

Bilateral Exchange Program

FUI Students - Mr. Muhammad Hasnat Umar and Mr. Muhammad Zarnain Nadeem (BSSE) are currently studing at Istanbul Aydin University (IAU) under the Bilateral Exchange Agreement.


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