International Collaboration (UoB)

Collaboration with the University of Bedfordshire

Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the University of Bedfordshire, UK (UOB) and Foundation University Islamabad (FUI) for exchange of students from FUI in 3+1 progression, in which the students will complete first three years of Bachelor in Computer Software Engineering (BCSE) and Bachelor in Computer Science (BSCS) in FUI and will proceed to UOB for completion of the fourth year of their education. The memorandum comprises collaboration in undergraduate studies, industrial design projects, and short duration camps.

Dr. Ashraf Jawaid, Deputy Vice-Chancellor UOB visited FUI in March 2016 to discuss different possible progression arrangements between the two universities. All the departments of FURC were asked to send course structures, program structures and course execution details to UOB for determining the eligibility of their programs. Programs of BCSE and BSCS were marked suitable by the UOB team for progression arrangements. Dr. Ashraf, after completing his desk work on the said arrangement, invited Rector FUI and HOD (Software Engineering) to visit UOB for signing the MOU, visiting university campuses-facilities and discussing further collaboration possibilities.


The MOU was signed by Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bedfordshire, Mr. Bill Rammell and Rector, FUI Maj Gen Khadim Hussain, HI(M) (Retd) and was accompanied by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shaheen, Head of Department, Software Engineering, FUI, on 20 July 2016. Both the universities wish to develop academic cooperation in various fields and agreed to initiate collaborative activities in academic areas of mutual interests, such as exchange of students, exchange of faculty and researchers for the purpose of teaching, conducting collaborative research projects and sharing of academic information and materials.

FUI has signed MOUs with also following Pakistani and International Universities

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  1. Tech Gateway Program
  2. Awareness Seminars by CCIXER 
  3. Scholarships in the field of Science and Technology and Engineering for FUI students.


Faculty of Engineering & IT, UHasselt

February 20, 2019

  1. Addendum to MOU signed with UHasselt in the area of Engineering & IT.
  2. Both the faculties have started working on the Joint Research Project.


Hasselt University (Uhasselt), Belgium

June 22, 2018

  1. Faculty and Students Exchange
  2. Joint Research Projects.
  3. Joint Seminar and Workshops
  4. Joint Supervision and Evaluation of Ph.D. Research work
  5. Resource Sharing


Beijing University of Technology (BJUT), China

March 11, 2019



  1. Students Exchange Program.
  2. Joint educational activities, Seminars, conferences, training Workshops (online) and research collaboration including research projects.
  3. Resource Sharing
  4. Summer Camp with Chinese Languages Certificate
  5. Future Joint Campus
  6. Joint Research Project and Funding


National University of Modern Languages (NUML)

August 07, 2018

  1. The collaboration includes the conduct of Chinese, German Language courses for FURC students.
  2. Joint Seminars and Training Workshops.
  3. Joint Supervision and Evaluation of Ph.D. Research work.
  4. Joint Research Projects.


University of Bedfordshire, UK

July 30, 2015


  1. Progression arrangement
  2. Students and Faculty Exchange
  3. Summer Camp at UOB
  4. Free of cost training to Administration and Academic Staff/Faculty in areas of QA, Teaching and Learning Research and Academics.


Quality System International (QSI)

April 04, 2019

  1. QSI’s USA accredited Basic, Professional and Expert Level certification through live online sessions.
  2. Develop FUI faculty through training on Leadership, Corporate Excellence, Quality Lean Six Sigma, Data Analytics, Academic Excellence, University KPI & Governance Fronts.
  3. Assistance for Accredited Professional Certification Programs. Provision of 175 certified trained professionals.
FUI has signed MOUs with following Pakistani and International Organization

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Foundation Power Company Daharki Ltd (FPCDL)

10 Jan 2019

  1. The purpose of these MoUs is to synergize on different areas of Industry-Academia Linkages (IAL) which include; joint research, curriculum revision, new academic programs, industrial trips, internships, job placements, professional training, prototype/product development and commercialization of the research.
  2. This collaboration is also meant to benefit from each other’s initiatives, expertise, working procedures and to support and assist the researchers associated with both the organizations.


Fauji Cement Company Ltd (FCCL)

10 Jan 2019

Same as above


Mari Petroleum Company Ltd


23 Jan 2019

  1. To enhance Industry-Academia Linkages (IAL) and provide invaluable opportunities for students and graduates of FUI.
  2. Joint research, curriculum revision, new academic programs, industrial trips, internships, job placements, professional training, prototype/product development and commercialization of the research.


Fauji Fertilizer Company Bin Qasim Ltd (FFBL)

25 Feb 2019

  1. FUI and FFBL signed MoU with an aim to create the linkage between industry and academia.
  2. The key areas of this MOU are; Curriculum Revision, Visiting Faculty, Internships, Placements, Industry Visits, Job Fairs, Supervision of Final Year Projects, Guidance of incubates at Business Incubation Centre and Guest Speeches.


Askari Cement Ltd  (ACL)

19 March 2019

  1. This memorandum shall enhance alliance between both the institutions and jump-start the industry-academia linkages.
  2. ACL aims to add value for students, faculty, and alumni of FUI by supervising Final Year Projects; mentoring through Guest Lectures; facilitating Industrial visits; guidance of Incubates and providing Internship/job opportunities.


Fauji Fertilizer Company Ltd 

27 March 2019

  1. Under the MoU, both sides agree to enhance cooperation on industry-academia by undertaking several activities in areas of mutual interest.
  2. The MoU keenly focuses on the arrangement of internship and supervision of final year projects of students which would result in the strengthening of linkages between both institutions.

Last updated 16/10/2019