Research Groups

Research Group Name Members
Communication and Networks

Dr. Muhammad Haneef (Head)

Engr Sajjad Karim

Engr. M. Ali

Engr. Fawad Khan

Engr. Muhammad Azam

Control and Power Engineering

Dr. Wakeel Khan (Head)

Engr. Abdur Rehman 

Engr. Zain Ul Islam

Engr. Bilal Mushtaq

Engr. Muhammad Azam

Engr. Shariq

Engr. Hana Amin Khan


Control and Power Engineering Research Group

Control & Power Engineering group focuses on the application of control theory in network control systems and interconnected power systems. Research of this group spans through a variety of areas including but not limited to nonlinear control systems, quantization, multi-agent systems, fault-tolerant control, renewable energy systems, energy conversion and conservation, microgrids, flight control systems, cyber-physical systems, and robotics.