Research Committee

Research Committee - Department of Software Engineering

Research & Development Committee

The role of the R&D Committee is to promote a research culture amongst faculty and students of the Software Engineering (SE) department by providing essential research facilities (that includes research funding, training, workshops, and research projects). For this purpose, the committee, in its first phase, has collected data from all faculty members to assess the competent resource pool for potential research areas. As a result of this analysis, the following five research groups have been formed, which are:

1) Artificial Intelligence

2) Future Networks

3) Software Engineering

4) Multimedia

5) Software Development.

The committee is also working to launch a journal in the field of Computer Science in collaboration with IGI Global publishing group. For this purpose, a journal proposal has been submitted to IGI that is under the review phase. In addition, the following services will be offered to the faculty and students of the SE department: 

  • Coordination of various research activities undertaken by faculty and students

  • Project support and development including fundraising

  • Provide assistance to Principal Investigator

  • Provide primary information about databases/digital libraries

  • Provide information about research grant opportunities


  • Dr. Shariq Hussain (Committee Head)

  • Mr. M. Fahad Khan (Member)

Quality Enhancement Committee (QEC)

This committee was established in the year of 2015 in order to monitor and improve the academic quality of the Software Engineering (SE) department. The QEC is also responsible for self-assessment reports and accreditation tasks. Furthermore, this committee also conducts surveys from i) students, ii) faculty and iii) alumni in order to recommend necessary enhancement in the educational processes. For this purpose, the following mechanism has been defined to assess and ensure quality in the educational processes:

QEC Task


Personnel Requirement

Accreditation and SAR



Course Folders

Semester Wise





Faculty Feedback/Other Survey Reports

Semester Wise To Annual


Departmental Tasks

Semester Wise




  • Umar Mahmud

Software Industrial Collaboration Committee (SICC)

The goal of SICC is to bridge the gap by bringing the industrial expertise and knowledge of professionals to the students. This provides them with the insight of experts’ world practices and opens up the opportunity to join the professional platform pre and post to their graduation.

Functions of SICC:

  • To create a liaison between academia and software industry

  • To arrange technology seminars by industrial experts

  • To introduce profound professionals of the software industry to students and to make efforts to bridge the gap between both entities

  • To arrange multi-day training workshops for students/faculty on cutting edge tools/technologies recommended by the software industry

  • To assist students in getting internships in the software industry

  • To coordinate and organize an open house for Final Year Projects of graduating batches


  • Dr. Tehmina Karamat (Head)

  • Mr. M. Baber Yaqoob (Member)

Extracurricular Committee

Besides education, extracurricular activities are also essential for students to keep them mentally and physically healthy. These activities provide valuable opportunities for students to grow and develop their individual potential. For this purpose, several events and activities are organized by this committee. The events are student-oriented; activities are coordinated and organized by students under the close supervision of faculty members. By doing so, they enjoy the activities more and develop leadership and acquire the skills necessary for organizing activities. Extracurricular activities provide them the platform to participate in diverse activities.


The committee will be responsible to coordinate and organize:

  • University/campus annual sports.

  • Wide range of competitions including Qirat, Naat, Debate, Musical, Quiz, Programming, etc.

  • Inter-university competitions.

  • Students participation in different competitions organized by other universities/organizations

  • Industrial/study/casual tours for students.

  • Welcome,/farewell parties, etc.


  • Mr. Ejaz Gul (Committee Head)

  • Ms. Tehmina Karamat (Member)

  • Ms. Asma Parveen (Member)

List of Events:


  • Annual Sports at FURC

  • Participated in Quiz and Programming competition at COMSATS, Attock

Last updated 16/10/2019