Master of Science in Engineering Management


  • To provide an opportunity for students to understand and comprehend ‘Engineering Management’ as a knowledge area.

  • To ensure that students can apply the acquired knowledge to real-world situations through better skills building.

  • To ensure that students develop analytical, synthesis and evaluation skills for better ‘Engineering Management’ (in general) or for further research. 


  • There are good number of students in Pakistan who do not have access to good quality education relevant to the field of ‘Engineering Management’.

  • Since the degree offers specialization, therefore in the modern global arena, a wide range of employment and academic opportunities exist for such graduates (specialists).

Minimum Credit Requirements







Credit Requirement with Thesis






Credit Requirement without Thesis


0 to 9

9 to 18





  • 16-year equivalent engineering degree duly recognized by HEC and PEC.

  • Minimum 2.0 CGPA in prior degree or equivalent.

  • Clearance of admission test conducted by FUI.

Note: Applicants must meet the minimum eligibility criteria mentioned above to be considered for admission to the program. However, meeting these criteria does not guarantee admission.


  • Minimum: 2 years (4 semesters other than summer semester)


Besides ‘General Degree’, the degree program offers the following specializations:

  • Engineering Management

  • Quality Management

  • Construction Management

  • Information Management / Knowledge Management

  • Telecom Management

  • Manufacturing Management

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Project Management

  • Technology Management

  • Software Management / Information Systems

Note: Specialization can only be earned if student undertakes minimum 9 credits from one selected AOS. Students opting for the thesis option will be given specialization based on the relevance of their thesis with the cluster.


  • 18 years if earned credits in degree are 30 or more.

Additional Requirements by Faculty for MS Students Opting for Thesis Option:

In addition to the requirements of the university students must cater to the following important rules for completion of their MS degree:

  • Students are generally encouraged to work on theoretical contributions, practical case studies (preferably local), industrial projects Etc.

  • Students are encouraged to publish their thesis research work in international reputed conferences and/or journal, however this is not a mandatory requirement.

  • Students can only register for thesis after completion of Mandatory Course Work Requirement of their respective degree.

Additional Requirements:

  • Students can take up to one equivalent degree course (after approval of respective Head of Department) from faculties other than ‘Business and Technology’ as ‘Elective’. This is only possible for students enrolled in degrees that offer choice of more than one elective.

  • Students from undergrad can take electives from post grad after permission of respective HoD.

  • Students from postgrad (MS, PhD, MBA 3.5 and MBA 1.5) cannot take electives from undergrad.