The department of Psychology in FURC strives to promote the scientific discipline of Psychology through the established and relevant programs. Psychology, being an emerging field globally, is mainly concerned with human behavior and mental processes. By the latest scientific advancements in the mental evolution of the human race, studying consciousness is an extremely interesting area, not only for Psychologists but for many other disciplines. Psychology is influential in almost every walk of life. Its applications are found in hospitals, educational institutions, industries, humanitarian agencies, rehabilitation centers etc.

The department, having sufficient human and physical resources is still on its way to grow further and further to become a center of excellence in education, research, mental health, and social services. 

Psychology Clinic



The department of Psychology, FUI has recently established a Psychology Clinic under its supervision. This Clinic serves as a primary training site for students who are pursuing MS degree in Clinical Psychology and Postgraduate Diploma. The Department of Psychology operates the psychology clinic, which provides comprehensive psychological services to outpatients as well as within campus referral cases. Outpatient visits and within campus visits are seen by trainees under the supervision of faculty members. This clinical service strictly adheres to the highest ethical and professional standards.