Sports Gala & Spring Festival 2019

The prize distribution ceremony of annual sports week was held at Foundation University Rawalpindi Campus (FURC) on March 01, 2019. Rector, Foundation University Islamabad (FUI), Maj. Gen. Changez Dil Khan, HI(M) (Retd) was the chief guest while Director FURC, Brig. Dr. Abdul Ghafoor(Retd) was also present on the occasion.

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The events of the Gala included cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, futsal, fun games, athletics, sack race, chatti race, 3-legged race and tug of war. The chief guest distributed the prizes among the winners of different competitions.

While addressing the gathering, Rector FUI said that, “the importance of sports and other co-curricular activities cannot be over emphasized. Besides providing the much needed physical activity, these are also important for the personality development of the students.” He said, such events also play an important role in breaking the monotony of exhaustive academic schedules and refresh the tired minds.

The Rector said that sports are an incredibly important contributor to human nature. “Participation in sports and games are healthy activities which kindle the fire of struggle, excellence and competition,” he added.

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