Faculty of Management Sciences

Welcome to one of the best management degree programs that provide state-of-the art education in the field of Management Sciences in Pakistan. The commitment of the faculty and the staff, and above all adherence to standards of academic excellence, have contributed immensely to the faculty’s enviable reputation. For the last many years; our degree programs have been the leading choice of scholars pursuing MS and PhD Degrees within Pakistan.


To prepare youth in Pakistan for the upcoming business challenges.


To provide an opportunity for students to understand and comprehend ‘Management’ (as a knowledge area) and sub-disciplines.

To ensure that students can apply the acquired knowledge to real-world situations through better skill-building.

To ensure that students develop analytical, synthesis and evaluation skills for further studies, research and professional purpose.

Expansion Plan

The faculty aims to extend its outreach to various industrial sectors through the launch of new and dynamic degree programs and maximization of research clusters. The faculty possess ample resources (both physical and human resources) to carry out all operational and academic activities with ease. The following programs are to be offered in future.

  • Master of Science in Project Management

  • Master of Science in Business Information Systems

  • Master of Science in Supply Chain Management

  • Master of Science in Economics

The focus of Faculty (2020-2021)

  • Inclusion of highly qualified and experienced faculty with strong industrial and academic background

  • Remote Student Facilitation for Post Grad Students

  • Flexible Post Grad Degree programs for students 

  • Expansion of industrial and academic linkages

  • Fee suitable enough to meet the needs of students

  • International linkages

  • Post Grad degree program available for students with business and non-business background

  • Continuing Education program embedded with Post Grad programs