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1st International Dental Conference


About the Conference

Foundation University Islamabad is very delighted to invite you all at the 1st International Dental Conference to be held on 13th -14th November 2021 on a virtual platform. The theme of this conference is “Navigating the Future of Dentistry” (NFD2021), that aims to provide a platform for discussion of present and future trends in various dental specialties. This conference brings to you renowned international and national speakers from the dental fraternity who will present cutting-edge clinical techniques and emerging trends in dental research. The prevailing COVID-19 pandemic has affected many continuing education activities, to overcome this barrier and to reach out to the maximum members of the dental community we bring to you this virtual conference. This international conference will provide an opportunity to reach eminent professionals who will deliver keynote lectures, and hands-on workshop.

Message By The Patron In Chief

I congratulate Foundation University College of Dentistry and Hospital for organizing 1st International Dental Conference, therefore, playing an important role in fostering research and setting standards, which contribute towards achieving the FUI’s vision for development of the nation through excellence in education, research and innovation.
Dentistry is one of the most rewarding profession to pursue. Through education, diagnosis and treatment, dentists provide the public with an essential health service. Research, in the field of dentistry, is continuing to show that the link between oral health and general health is strong.
As a conference Patron in Chief, I welcome you all to the 1st International Dental Conference to be held on 13th & 14th November, 2021. I take great pride in our world-class dental institution which is considered unique in Pakistan and committed to ensure the highest standard of quality education for our students and the constant pursuit of excellence, not only in academics but also in research and community services.
I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the distinguished participants, who accepted our invitation, and to the FUCD&H team who worked extremely hard to organize dental conference and relevant social activities.
I wish you all a very successful and fruitful Virtual Conference.

Maj Gen Nasir Dilawar Shah HI (M) Retd.
Foundation University, Islamabad.

Message By Patron

As the Patron of 1 st International Dental Conference, which is to be held on 13-14 th November 2021, it is my great pleasure to welcome you all at Foundation University Islamabad. I offer my deepest gratitude to the organizing committees - led by Prof Muhammad Wasim Ibrahim for organizing this scientific conference and the Foundation University College of Dentistry and Hospital (FUCD&H).
The organizers of this conference have prepared a two-day program that will provide clinicians and researchers with the opportunity to present their papers, discuss ideas and critique their investigations. Through the theme “Navigating the Future of Dentistry,” you will hear cutting-edge dental research presentations.
It is encouraging to see the growth that the FUCD&H has experienced during the past couple of years. Your participation in this and future dental conferences organized by FUCD&H will add to the overall success of the Foundation University as it continues to provide opportunities for professional development and the sharing of research.
I hope that you find this conference beneficial to your career, and you take advantage of the innumerable learning and professional opportunities this conference will deliver.
I look forward to your continued participation in the Foundation University for years to come.

Maj Gen Prof Jawad Khaliq Ansari HI(M) Retd.
Foundation University Islamabad Campus

Message By Chairperson

On behalf of the Foundation University College of Dentistry and Hospital, It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all at the 1 st International Dental Conference, (IDC’21) which is very special because it comes during a time the world is actively trying to recover from a pandemic that took the world by storm.
The theme “Navigating the Future of Dentistry” invites the researchers to gather all the intellectual strength to improve and transform the quality of oral health while overcoming both extrinsic and intrinsic factors which may adversely affect our progress toward this goal. Over the past 5-10 years, the world of dentistry is undergoing rapid changes with the advent of latest innovations, technologies and new treatment patterns, fundamentally transforming patient experience. A remarkable advancements have been seen in computer technology and prosthetics production, disrupting the entire dentistry workflow – from the way patients are diagnosed to the design of prosthetics to how surgeries are planned and conducted and how patient data is exchanged and stored. This is the moment to expand your knowledge, forge collaborations, and utilize all your dedication and skills to uphold the future of dentistry.
As the chairperson of IDC’21, I know that the success of the conference depends ultimately on many people who have worked with us in planning and organizing both the scientific program and supporting arrangements. In particular, I thank all members of the Core Committee for their wise advice and brilliant suggestion on organizing this conference; the Scientific Committee for their thorough and timely reviewing of the papers. Besides, recognition should also go to all the other Organizing Committees who have all worked extremely hard for the details of important aspects of the conference programs and activities.
Have a wonderful conference.

Prof Muhammad Wasim Ibrahim
Principal FUCD&H

Scope of Coverage

  • Keynote speakers
  • Workshops

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Mohammad A. Javaid
Dr. Fahad Zafar
Dr. Farrahnaz Peerzada
Joharia Azhar
Dr. Abdul Samad Khan
Farhan Raza Khan
Dr. Saad Haroon
Dr Ayyaz Ali Khan
Dr Ulfat Bashir
Dr Adnan Ali Shah
Dr Majeed Rana
Dr Alexander Schramm


Target Audience:

  • Orthodontists and Periodontists
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
  • Endodontist
  • General dental practitioners
  • Post graduate students/trainees
  • Final year students
  • House officers

Dr. Mohammad A. Javaid

MSc (Dental Science – McG), Dip. Perio (UBC), MSc Craniofacial Sciences (UBC), Fellowship (Periodontics) - Canada, BDS (UHS)


Dr. Fahad Zafar

MSc(Periodontology), MSc(Implant Dentistry), BDS



Dr. Farrahnaz Peerzada

MDS pediatric dentistry University of Hong Kong, BDS



Joharia Azhar

Laser Surgery ABLS, USA, MHPE, Mphill


Farhan Raza Khan



Dr. Abdul Samad Khan

PhD from UK, MSc, BDS


Dr. Saad Haroon

M Clin Dent Endodontics - UK, BDS


Dr Ayyaz Ali Khan

MFGDP (UK), PhD (Ireland), MSc (Wales), BDS 


Dr Ulfat Bashir

MHPE, FCPS (Orthodontics) , MCPS (Orthodontics), BDS


Dr Adnan Ali Shah

FRACDS (Australia); FDSRCS (Edinburgh); FFDRCS (Ireland)
FCPS, FDSRCPS (Glasgow), FRCDC (Canada)
Diplomate American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


Dr Majeed Rana



Dr Alexander Schramm

PhD (Germany), MD, DDS


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  • Patron In Chief: Maj Gen Nasir Dilawar Shah HI (M) Retd, Rector FUI
  • Patron: Maj Gen Prof Jawad Khaliq Ansari HI (M) Retd, Director FUIC - Principal FUMC
  • Chairperson: Prof Dr. Col.(R) Wasim Ibrahim, Principal FUCD&H


  • Chairperson: Prof Dr. Col.(R) Wasim Ibrahim – Principal FUCD&H
  • Member: Prof Dr. Rozina Nazir – HOD Orthodontics
  • Member: Prof Dr. Nadia Awan - HOD Operative Dentistry
  • Member: Prof Dr. Sidra Aamer - HOD Dental Materials
  • Member: Prof Dr. Salman Ahmed – HOD Prosthodontics
  • Member: Prof Dr. Ayesha Maqsood – HOD OMFS
  • Member: Asst Prof Dr. Nasar um Min Allah - Periodontics
  • Member: Asst Prof Dr. Mansoor Khan – Operative dentistry
  • Member: Dr. Fizza Sahar Anwar , DDER
Marketing. Sponsorship and Publicity Committee

Scientific & Publication Committee

Academic Liaison Committee

Registration & Finance Committee

Technical Committee

1. Chairperson: Prof. Dr. Salman Ahmed- Assoc Dean Clinical Sciences

2. Vice Chairperson: Prof. Dr. Ayesha Maqsood-HOD OMFS

3. Member: Asst. Prof. Dr. Sana Masood- Community Dentistry

4. Member: Tilawat Khan-Data Center Coordinator FUIC

5. Member: Col. (R). Naveed Arshad Khokhar DS FUCD &H

6. Member: Mr. Saqib Hanif- CMS/LMS Coordinator FUCD

7. Member: Asst. Prof. Dr. Ahsan Malik- HOD Dental Education & Research

8. Member: Asst. Prof. Dr. Shoaib Rahim- Prosthodontics

9. Member: Asst. Prof. Dr. Batool Zara- HOD Periodontics

10. Member: Dr. Soban Arshad-Demo Operative Dentistry

11. Member: Dr. Sidra Ghayas-Demo Pathology

12. Member: Sadaf Naz Satti - Web Developer  FUI Sectt

13. Member: Ameer Alam Niazi - Graphic Designer FUI Sectt

14. Arts & Media Team FURC

1. Chairperson: Prof. Dr. Nadia Aman-HOD Operative Dentistry

2. Member: Prof. Dr. Sidra Aamer-HOD Dental Material

3. Member: Asst. Prof. Dr. Ahsan Malik- HOD Dental Education & Research

4. Member: Asst. Prof. Dr. Nasar Um Min Allah- Periodontics

5. Member: Asst. Prof. Dr. Tania Arshad- Orthodontics

6. Member: Dr Amal Farooq Demo Oral biology

7. Member: Dr Saima Zafar Demo Dental Materials

1. Chairperson: Prof. Dr. Sidra Aamer-HOD Dental Material

2. Member: Asst. Prof. Dr. Usman Ahmed- Orthodontics

3. Member: Asst. Prof. Dr. Shoaib Rahim- Prosthodontics

4. Member: Asst. Prof. Dr. Mansoor Khan-Operative Dentistry

5. Member: Asst. Prof. Dr. Nasar Um Min Allah- Periodontics

6. Member: Asst. Prof. Dr. Abdul Qadir-Dental Materials

7. Member: Dr Fizza Anwar Demo Dental Materials

8. Member: Dr Kainat Fatima Demo Community Dentistry

1. Chairperson: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Adil Umar-Oral biology

2. Member: Asst. Prof. Dr. Beenish Abbas - Pediatric Dentistry

3. Member: Dr. Qaiser Masud Sheikh-Snr. Lecturer Dental Education

4. Member: Dr. Ahmed Amir Sheikh-Demo Pediatric Dentistry

5. Member: Dr. Waleed Mushtaq- Demo Periodontics

6. Member: Asst. Prof. Dr. Sanaa Masood Aslam - HOD Community Dentistry

7. Member: Manager Finance Mr. Atif Ishaq

8. Member: PG Ortho Dr Ashfaq

9. Member: 1 XP.G OMFS

1. Chairperson: Asst Prof Dr Umair-HOD Oral medicine

2. Member: Mr. Omar Adil-Tech. Branch FUIC

3. Member: Mr. Khawar Shahzad- IT Technician FUCD&H

4. Member: Col. (R) Dr. Naveed Arshad Khokhar DS FUCD &H

5. Member : Maj. (R) Saad Geelani- AMA IT

6. Member : Mr. Muhammad Iqbal- Biomedical Engineer FUCD&H

6. Member : Dr. Muhammad Wajahat Ghafoor-Demo Oral Pathology


The Foundation University Islamabad (FUI), a project of Fauji Foundation was established under a federal charter in October 2002. The University's programmes of study have been duly accredited by Higher Education Commission (HEC), National Computing Education Accreditation Council (NCEAC), Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan (CPSP) and Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PM&DC).