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News Clipping


Media Coverage by different Media Press

1- Press Clipping by Daily Ausaf (ISB) 15-03-2020 : Click Here

2- Press Clipping by Daily Ausaf (ISB) 15-03-2020 : Click Here

3- Press Clipping by Al-Khbar (ISB) 10-03-2020 : Click Here

4- Press Clipping by National Herald Tribune  (RWP) 10-03-2020 : Click Here

5- Press Clipping by Roznama Al-Akhbar (RWP) 10-03-2020 : Click Here

6- Press Clipping by National Herald Tribune  (RWP) 27-02-2020 : Click Here

7- Press Clipping by Karak Times (ISB) 20-02-2020 : Click Here

8- Press Clipping by Daily Ash-Sharq International Rwp/Isb 20-02-2020 : Click Here

9- Press Clipping by Daily Doraha (ISB) 20-02-2020 : Click Here

10- Press Clipping by Khamosh (Gujrat) 20-02-2020 : Click Here

11- Press Clipping by Al Akhbar (ISB) 05-02-2020 : Click Here

12- Press Clipping by Khamosh (Gujrat) And Karak Times (ISB) 21-01-2020 : Click Here

13- Press Clipping by Nawa-I-Waqat (ISB) 21-01-2020 : Click Here

14- Press Clipping by National Herald (RWP) 21-01-2020 : Click Here

15- Press Clipping by Pakistan Observer (ISB) 21-01-2020 : Click Here

16- Press Clipping by Al-Akhbar (ISB) 21-01-2020: Click Here

17- Press Clipping by Nawa-I-Waqat (ISB) 18-01-2020 : Click Here

18- Press Clipping by Al-Akhbar (ISB) 18-01-2020: Click Here

19- Press Clipping by Daily Asas (RWP) 17-01-2020: Click Here

20- Press Clipping by National Herald (ISB) 17-01-2020 : Click Here


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