Speed Wiring Competition


Event Type: Smart Technical Competitions

Event Name: Speed Wiring Competition

Coordinator: Dr. Muhammad Haneef

Supervisors & Judges: Engr.  Imtiaz Alam, Engr.  Adnan Khan, Engr.  Fawad Khan (Judge), Engr. Hana Amin Khan(Judge)

Date: Thursday, April 18th, 2019

Time: 09:30– 3:30 hrs

Venue: Communication Lab, FURC

Audience: All Students of Faculty of Engineering FURC (Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, Computer Science)

The IEEE Society of University with the collaboration of Electrical Engineering Department Planned/arranged several events naming Smart Technical Competitions. Speed Wiring Competitions was one of them and organized successfully on 18th April, 2019. The event was inaugurated by Dean engineering and HOD Electrical Engineering Department. This event was open for all students of faculty of Engineering (e.g. Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, and Computer Science students). More than 20 teams participated in the event. The main purpose of this contest was to bring students together in social and professional settings where they can put their skills to test. There were three rounds of speed wiring competition. In all rounds, students were challenged by giving a sample circuit which they had to recreate on breadboard in fastest time. Fastest time condition made this task a bit more challenging. The event details are as follows: 

The final round was closed by 03:30pm. Winner of competition was team speedster and high voltage was the runners-up. 


‘The competition was very well managed and we all enjoyed the spirit and the atmosphere in which the event was organized. All the teams enjoyed their time and regardless of any winner or runner up, the competition really sparked the energy levels in us.’


(Adnan Ali, BS- EE, Semester 4th)


‘It was a good day spent here in the event. These type of events must be held regularly in the university. I really appreciate the efforts of the organizers especially Mr Imtiaz Alam and Mr Adnan Khan along with their team. They really have put their efforts behind this event to make it so successful.’


(Mahnoor, BS- EE, Semester 2nd)

 ‘I really enjoyed the event throughout the day. The competition was very interesting and our team managed to get into the final round. Though it was very tough but the organizers did a splendid job to announce a winner and organized the event in such great environment.’


(Khawar Abbas, BS-EE, Semester 4th)