Inter-University Skit Competition

Inter-University Skit Competition to Promote Awareness about Alzheimer/Dementia

Fatima Jinnah Women University (FJWU) in collaboration with the Alzheimer Pakistan-Rawalpindi Chapter (APRC) organized an Inter-University Skit competition on 9th of April 2019. The theme of the competition was Alzheimer's/Dementia and related disorders which effect the cognitive abilities of individuals. The skits helped to raise awareness regarding Alzheimer's disease and the challenges faced by caregivers of the patients.

Skit 1400x400

Students of Department of Psychology, Foundation University Islamabad, Rawalpindi Campus took part in the skit competition and staged a skit entitled ''Stop Stigmatizing Alzheimer's'' participants of the skit were:-

  • Amna Fida
  • Ammara NAseer
  • Ayesha Asim
  • Anfaal Nasiruddin
  • Fizza Ahmed
  • Ifrah Razzaq
  • Kiran Bibi
  • Ruba Izhar
  • Umm e Rubab
  • Zainab Rehman

The skit was highly appreciated by the audience and judged as the best skit by the judges out of 7 skits presented by different universities of the twin cities. The prize of Best Language Proficiency, Best Script, Best Play and Winner Institution was Foundation University, which is a great pride and honour for the university.