The objectives of ORIC are to:

  • Promote research culture in all departments of FUI.

  • Represent the FUI's interests in research and development.

  • Manage databases for research and development, which is essential to undertake important analyses.

  • Compile/ analyze databases for the purpose of ORIC as well as university ranking.

  • Disseminate information to the FUI campuses on research and development, and related funding opportunities.

  • Identify research opportunities for faculty members and students.

  • Facilitate faculty to apply for both internal and external research grants.

  • Provide legal, administrative and financial management support for research grants.

  • Process applications of faculty and students for travel grants from HEC and FUI.

  • Support commercialization, licensing etc. of the university research products.

  • Encourage publishing of the campus/faculty/departmental research journals.

  • Encourage faculty to publish their research work in ISI Indexed and HEC/PEC/PM&DC recognized Journals by reimbursement of publication fee.

  • Develop liaison with the funding agencies.

  • Identify new ways and opportunities of collaborations.

  • Encourage University-Industry linkages.

  • Arrange and organize Training and Development programs.

  • To provide assistance and guidance to the faculty members and PhD scholars in their research projects, ORIC is responsible to interact with the Higher Education Commission, Islamabad and other funding agencies.