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FUIC - Due to General Elections on 25 July 2018, “SUMMER VACATIONS” have been extended up to 29 July 2018. FUMC & FUCD will now open on 30 July 2018.


FURC - Fall 2018 Online Admissions of Foundation University Rawalpindi Campus will open on 28th May 2018.


Subject: Organization of Functions/Recreational Trip by Students

Off late, it has come to notice that students and faculty from both campuses plan/organize various functions/recreational trips and other extracurricular activities at their own. The apart from being a security hazard has other implications and is in total contravention of the rules / regulations / SOPs on the subject.

It has been decided that with immediate effect "No such function / recreational trips and other extracurricular activities" will be organized by students / faculty at their own and only officially planned / organized activities duly reflected in their programs / calendar will be undertaken by respective campuses.


FURC - Financial Assistance Fall - 2017 and Merit Scholarship for Spring - 2017 and Fall 2018 have been approved by Competent Authority, student may contact Admission Office FURC for recieving cheques/adjustment in tuition fee