University Migration


  • There will be two kinds of migration:-

a.       Migration for incoming students from the institute/university other than FUI.

b.       Migration for outgoing students to other universities from FUI Campuses.

  • All processing of migration for incoming students will be dealt by the Registrar Office, FUI through Examination Branch, FUI.

  • All processing of migration of outgoing students will be processed by Exam Branch, FUI


  • These regulations shall govern the migration of students to Foundation University Islamabad (FUI) provided the same is not inconsistent with the provision of FUI Ordinance 2002.

  •  Migration should be an exception rather than a rule.

  • The migration will be allowed from recognized university / colleges accredited by regulating bodies i.e. PEC, NVEAC, HEC etc.

  • It will not be earlier than 2nd and later than 6th semester in undergraduate and not later than 2nd semester in graduate programs. For MA/M.Sc program migration will be in 2nd and 3rd semester only with the written consent of both the Universities.

  • Migration shall be allowed against a clear vacancy at the recipient Institution where applicable.

  • The consent of Supervisors and Institutions concerned shall be required for migration of postgraduate students.

  • A Central board (to be constituted by the Rector) will determine equivalence of curriculum on course to course basis. The board will also recommend for making up the deficiency if any.

  • University may allow a Migration after provision of following documents by the student:

                  a. NOC from the previous University / Institution.

                  b. Previous academic record

  • Minimum 2.5/4.00 CGPA for undergraduate and 2.8/4.00 CGPA for graduate programs are required to be obtained by the students in order to qualify for the migration.

  • No credit of a course will be transferred if the grade is less than ‘C’ for undergraduate and ‘B’ for graduate program.

  • Maximum 60% credit hours are allowed to be transferred in graduate program.

  • The migrating candidate must have a merit higher than the lowest candidate accepted in the same discipline by the Foundation University.