Discipline & Policies

Conduct / Discipline

All students will observe following instructions and anyone violating these will be liable to a disciplinary action: -

  1. Students must give due respect to the administrative staff. Complaint, if any, against admin staff may be reported to Administrative Officer in the Admin Block

  2. Any damage caused to property will have to be compensated by the defaulter and necessary disciplinary action shall also be taken.

  3. Playing of music, making noise or teasing other colleagues is not allowed

  4. Possession, custody or access to liquor, drug or any other intoxicant, is strictly prohibited.

  5. Any act of indiscipline or insolence, which may damage peaceful functioning of the Campus, will be dealt with severely. Staging, inciting or participating in or abetting any walkout, strike or other form of agitation inside the premises is prohibited.

  6. Gambling in the Campus or possession of firearms or lethal weapons of any kind is prohibited.

  7. Meal will not be taken out side canteen premises except under special circumstances.

  8. Mobile phone shall not be used in the classrooms, labs, library and offices. Entire Academic Block is prohibited for the use of mobile during the period of classes.

  9. In case a student wants to bring his/her computer or other equipment in the Campus, he/she should make an entry to this effect in the register kept with the duty guard.

  10. Students are required to maintain an orderly conduct and good moral behavior on the Campus. The faculty and management must be given due respect.

  11. Complete academic discipline should be followed at all times. Any member of the faculty is authorized to debar any student, “off campus or off class”, for ill discipline including use of foul language, abuse, shouting, etc. Students must ensure that they keep their voices low when moving out of their classes. They should be mindful of the fact that other classes are in progress.

  12. No eating and drinking is permitted in the library, classrooms and computer laboratories.

  13. Photography of any kind, (on Mobile/Camera) movie or still, is not permitted inside the campus. The same is prohibited on official trips.

  14. Cafeteria-related items (utensils / cups / bottles) should be returned to the cafeteria premises after use.

  15. Students shall park their vehicles outside the Campus. All vehicles should be parked in the general parking area. Students should park their vehicles between parallel lines at their own risk in the parking area.

  16. All requests of students are to be addressed to Director routed through Student Affairs Office. In any case No application can be sent directly to Rector/ Registrar or University Head Office, however in such cases applications addressed to higher authorities will be routed through proper channel.  No student is allowed to visit Head Office (FUI regarding his/ her complaint).


The whole campus including the cafeteria is a non-smoking area and defaulters will be referred to disciplinary committee. Students will be fined if checked by the faculty/management as deemed fit. 

Dress Code

  1. Tights and see through dress shall not be worn.

  2. No shorts and sleeveless shirts will be worn

  3. There shall be no T-Shirts and Shirts without Collars.

  4. Dress with Indecent/provocative remarks inscribed shall not be worn.

  5. There shall be no wearing of jogging suits and exercise clothing during classes.

  6. No excessive makeup and wearing of expensive jewelry at the Campus by female students.

  7. Labs coats shall be worn where applicable. 

ID Card

  1. ID Card: Students are issued ID Cards. No student will be allowed to enter the campus without the ID Card. Students must wear their ID cards round their neck with green ribbon.

  2. Loss of ID Card In case if the student loses the card, he/she shall immediately report to AMSA in Student Affairs Office who will arrange for the new card after payment of a fine Rs. 520/-. (Fine and printing charges) will be deposited in the Accounts Branch.